Saturday, December 4, 2010

Yoda cake

Yoda I am glad that you are done. Surprisingly enough the head was actually the easiest part. I made the head out of crispy treats and covered it with green fondant. The ears are also fondant. When I tried to make the body I used four 6 inch cakes stacked. When I tried to put on Yoda's cloak the fourth cake layer started to crush. It was so frustrating. I ended up making the body smaller and then putting him on a sheet cake so that there would be enough cake to feed 30 people. I also wanted to do arms under his cloak. I tried to make them twice. Once out of fondant and once out of crispy treats. The fondant arms were too heavy and the crispy treat arms just wouldn't stay put, they kept slipping down even with skewers in them. I just skipped the arms and hoped no one would mind. I will probably make another Yoda cake for one of my boys and hopefully that one will be better. I learn with each cake. Well Yoda, Done you are. Happy I am.