Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Cake

Today I made this cute fall cake for T to take to work tomorrow.  I really think that it came out pretty cute.  My original plan was to make fall leaves to put on the cake too but I though that it looked cute without them.  I made all of the decorations with mm fondant.  For the lettering I printed the words from the computer and then I put the paper against the cake and traced over the letters with a pencil.  When I removed the paper there was a light imprint of the letters.  I then used some brown food coloring mixed with a bit of vanilla extract and very fine brush and painted on the lettering.  It is a pretty easy way to get nice straight lettering onto a cake quickly and easily.  The little candy corn was also made with mm fondant.  Just took strips of the 3 colors, put them together and cut the little triangle shapes. So cute I put them all over the bottom tier.