Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sesame Street Cupcakes

These Sesame Street cupcakes were fun to make. Each cupcake flavor went along with the characters color. Elmo was strawberry, Big Bird was lemon with raspberry filling, Cookie Monster was white almond with blueberry filling and Oscar was Key Lime with Key Lime filling. A fun idea to have the flavor the same color as the character. I did forget to get a picture of the cupcakes before I boxed them up so I just snapped a quick one through the plastic cupcake boxes- which you can get for free if you just ask the walmart bakery, a nice thing to know for any of you who wonder how to transport cupcakes! I also made a little smash cake of Elmo for the birthday boy and alas I forgot to get a picture (this was just not a good day for remembering to take pictures!) It looked almost identical to the Elmo cake that I made for Jacob when he was little. That cake is on this blog somewhere. Fun, fun cupcakes to make!

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