Thursday, June 13, 2013

30th B-day cake

This cake is supposed to be a "this is your life" type of cake.  On the cake are things from her life like favorite TV show as a kid, high school, college, and then I put some black boards and an apple for her being a teacher.  
                I tried to make the family, they came out a bit pudgy.  In real life these people are fit and trim so hopefully no one gets offended by my chubby fondant family!
           Here you can see her college logo and a chalk board and apple because she is a teacher

Her favorite TV show as a kid was 90210 so I found a pic of the cast to add to the cake.  Also, her high school and favorite football team are represented.

I have lived in Texas for about 10 months and I have made several cakes here so I have learned a few things.  One thing is that Texas too hot to make cakes in the summer.  Even the AC has a hard time keeping up with the hot Texas weather.  I can start making a cake smooth and then the heat causes the fondant to ripple a little bit.  I had this problem with the Nascar car cake and with this one a little too.  So, that being said, I am not going to make anymore cakes this summer except for one cake already promised in August.  So if you are thinking of ordering a cake in June, July, or August you will just have to wait until the fall.  Sorry-  Have a happy summer y'all!

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