Friday, July 26, 2013

How to make Chocolate Fondant

Usually I do not post "how to's".  Mostly because everything that I do I've seen somewhere before and everyone seems to have great "how to" videos and tutorials on everything cake.  I just don't need to post "how to's".   That being said I think that someone out there might benefit from my chocolate fondant recipe.  When I first wanted to make chocolate fondant I did lots of searches and tried lots of recipes.  Not a single one of them came out great so I made up my own recipe.  It is easy and includes only those ingredients that I keep in my cupboard all the time.  I don't have all kinds of pictures but here are the simple directions.

1. Pour  one 10 oz bag mini marshmallows into a large microwaveable bowl. Add 2 T. water.
2. Microwave for 1 minute and then stir.  Continue to microwave and stir at 30 second intervals until marshmallows are all melted.
3.  Sift 1 cup cocoa powder over the marshmallow mixture and stir.
4. Sift in powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time until the mixture is too thick to stir.
5. Dump out onto a counter dusted liberally with powdered sugar.  Knead until smooth, adding powdered sugar until non-sticky.  If your fondant gets a little too dry just add a few drops of water and knead until desired consistency is reached

That's it!  It's easy!  This chocolate fondant can be seen below on the Oreo Cake.  When I roll out chocolate fondant I find that it is sometimes difficult to brush off all the cocoa powder or powdered sugar from the fondant so once the fondant is on the cake I take a damp paper towel and wipe the cake.  This makes the chocolate fondant shiny and nicely chocolate colored.

Hopefully these directions help someone out there in cake land!

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