Saturday, November 6, 2010

Super Mario Cake

When I found out that I had to make a Mario cake I went right out and bought the video game- the kids were happy about that! Mario took me 3 hours to make. He is made from homemade mm fondant. The design of the cake is level 1-1 of the Wii game. Making this cake reminded me of my childhood. I remember the old gray Nintendo. We always had to blow on the games to get them to work. Playing the Nintendo really irritated Mom, she thought playing games turned our brains to mush. She would always tell us that we had "Nintendo eyes"- I guess that meant we were staring at the screen for too long. She is just not a gamer. After hours of work I am really happy about how the cake turned out and the birthday boy loved it!. That makes all of my hard work worth it.

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